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1.7035 / 41Cr4 alloy Steel bar


Round bar

Size: Dia.80-1,000mm

Length: 3,000-10,000mm

Delivery: 30 Days according to your quantity;

Transport: By bulk or Containers;

Payment terms L/C, T/T;


1.7035 / 41Cr4 alloy Steel bar

DIN 1.7035 / 41Cr4 Steel is one of the most widely used alloy steel. After QT heat treatment,41Cr4 steel has good comprehensive mechanical properties,low temperature impact toughness and hardenability. DIN 1.7035 steel can get higher fatigue strength after oil cooling. The machinability of 41Cr4 steel is good for normalizing and QT condition. But the weldability of 1.7035 alloy steel is not so good that it’s easy to produce cracks. This material requires preheating before welding.

Chemical Composition

C: 0.38-0.45; Si: max0.40; Mn: 0.60-0.90;

P: max0.025; S: max0.035; Cr: 0.90-1.20;

Equivalent Grades


BS: 530M40

JIS: SCr440

Form of 1.7035

Round / Square / Flat Bars, Shafts, Rollers, Blocks

Size of 41Cr4

As Forged

Round bar

Size: Dia.80-1,000mm

Length: 3,000-10,000mm

Square bar

Size: 150×150-600×600mm

Length: 3,000-8,000mm

(Forged Flat Bars, Shafts, Rollers and Blocks can be Customized)

– As Rolled

Round Bar

Size: Dia.10-300mm

Length: 3,000-10,000mm(can be Customized)


Surface Condition of 1.7035 Steel

Black, Rough Machined, Turned

Hardness of 41Cr4 Steel

Annealed (+A): max 207HB

Treated to improve shearability (+S): max 255HB

Mechanical Properties of 1.7035 / 41Cr4 Steel

Tensile strength: 980MPa

Yield point: 785MPa

Percentage reduction of area after fracture: 45%

Elongation after fracture: 9%

Impact test (+20°C): Transverse – 22J; Longitud – 30-35J

Quenched and Tempered (+QT) of W-Nr 1.7035 Steel

1. Heat din 1.7035 steel carefully to 850°C;

2. Soak at this temperature then quench in the oil;

3. Temper as soon as 41Cr4 steel reach room temperature (20°C);

4. Heat uniformly to the suitable temperature of 520°C;

5. Withdraw the material from the furnace and cool in the air.

Applications of DIN 41Cr4 Steel

After quenched and tempered,1.7035 steel can be used in the manufacture of medium speed,the load of parts,such as machine tools gear,shaft,worm,etc. Atfer QT and high-frequency surface hardening,41Cr4 steel is always used in the manufacture of high surface hardness,abrasion resistance parts. After quenching and middle temperature tempering,this material is usually used in the manufacture of overloading,medium speed impact of parts.

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