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Steel break 3000, steel prices rebound again!

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May 8, 2017, black futures market prices vary. As of midday closing, the main rebar contract closed at 3004 yuan / ton, up 2.49%; hot rolled steel main contract closed at 2931 yuan / ton, up 1.45%; Tangshan billet prices prices steady operation; the finished material spot market transactions dull.
After the festival the domestic steel market mentality tangled, generally confused on the market outlook, followed by the futures market rose sharply, psychological expectations and news about the steel price trend. May 8th to 17, Hebei province to carry out environmental law enforcement focused on strengthening action, coupled with the last two weeks of steel stocks fell significantly, weekend market pessimism eased. In the short term, the demand can continue to pick up doubt, steel production can be substantial doubt, bullish bad news mixed, so that people can not understand the clue, steel prices continue to shock or run, frequent changes.
General steel
Over the weekend, more or less steel prices rose with the majority of the national building materials market
8, the country’s 25 major cities rebar prices most pull up. Among them, Shanghai, Ji’nan, Tianjin, Chongqing, Xi’an and other 19 cities rebar prices rose 10-110 yuan / ton. On Saturday, Tangshan steel rose 70, poor trading on Sunday, down from 30 to 2920 yuan / ton, cash tax.
According to the survey, last week, the country’s 163 building materials steel rebar production rate of up to 70.2%, the cycle ratio rose by more than 1.6%, a record high for the year. Due to the considerable profit per ton of steel rebar steel production is still high, building materials. Over the same period, building materials steel stocks 3 million 112 thousand tons, a large drop in the cycle ratio of around 13.9%, indicating that the first two weeks of downstream demand significantly warmer.
However, 5, June gradually into the traditional off-season market, demand is not stable. May 8th -17 Hebei open a new round of environmental supervision, the actual impact remains to be seen. Currently, the market is intertwined, the trend is not clear, the parties cautious attitude, short-term building materials prices or wide shocks.
Cold hot rolled up slightly, businesses are still shipping based
8, the country’s 24 major cities hot-rolled prices relatively warmer, the national average price of 3147 yuan / ton, the largest increase of $100 / ton. Steel prices rose again on the weekend, the 8 day futures market is also up, the market mentality has improved, the price of the business will also rise, the market turnover has improved over last week. However, there is no fundamental change in the fundamentals of the market, the terminal procurement is also more cautious, the merchant is still operating on the main shipping, the latter trend remains to be observed. On the whole, it is expected that the market price shocks tomorrow.
8, a slight rise in the national cold rolled prices, turnover in general. Price: 1 the average price of 3744 yuan / ton, compared with yesterday raised $6 / ton. The price of the main market: Shanghai market 1.0mm Wuhan plate price 3550 yuan / ton, Guangzhou market 1.0mm Anshan volume price 3780 yuan / ton, Tianjin market 1.0mm Angang Tiantie volume price 3510 yuan / ton. Market: a slight rebound in the cold rolling market, the emergence of an upward trend over the weekend, shipments increased market sentiment improved. 8, more than a slight rise in the market, but the market turnover in general, fortunately, the shock of the futures is too strong, steel stabilized, is expected to cool the price of cold shock operation tomorrow.
Mentality to improve the transaction in the weak plate shock operation
8, the domestic plate market prices rose slightly, the country’s major cities in 20mm plate average price of 3296 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day rose by $14 / ton. Steel prices rose again over the weekend, although Sunday fell somewhat, but there is still a certain amount of cost support for the spot market.
In addition, the 8 aspects of the performance of the futures wide shocks, so the early business quotes are not in a hurry to rise, only a small part of the pressure on the resources of the merchant price increases. On the current market, the overall situation, in the absence of greater support for the news or support surface, the spot rate of change are relatively limited, so traders take more time to wait and see the way to reduce the risk of shipping. Comprehensive estimates, the domestic market price of the domestic market in the future or to consolidate the main trend.
Steel reinforced steel overhaul plan to increase
8, the domestic steel market price consolidation trend, the majority of the spot bid to wait and see, some of the bottom of the resources rebounded slightly. The billet during the weekend rose after the fall and 8 futures disk shock run, so the spot market price is slightly confusing, pre Paohuo businesses rose slightly faster and more consolidation of regional resources is still wait-and-see. However, from the point of view of the production enterprises, the maintenance plan in May has increased, and the probability of short-term market continues to wait and see. Comprehensive forecast, tomorrow the domestic steel market prices or to consolidate the main trend.
Steel pipe mixed, shipments have improved
8 domestic pipe prices mixed. According to statistics, welded pipe, Ji’nan, Hefei, Handan, Chengdu and other 4 cities fell 40-60 yuan / ton, seamless pipe, 8, Wuhan, Langfang, the city fell 2 yuan / ton 50-80.
Affected by the price of raw materials, manufacturers and traders to follow the price adjustment, business offer gradually lower, the market turnover in general. For the afternoon, more than a wait-and-see attitude, the operation is still dominated by shipments. Overall, the current market demand is relatively weak, the lack of support for the transaction price is still possible callback. Seamless pipe, the recent changes in the price of raw materials, steel inventory pressure is still there, 8, the factory has not yet adjusted the factory price. According to local traders feedback, the recent market shipments have improved, the market price to follow the factory price adjustment. 8 days midday ascribed to black futures, and the Hebei environmental protection production wind strikes again. To sum up, it is expected that the domestic pipe market in the future or will shock operation.
Raw material aspect